Our values

It is in equal truthfulness to the common treasure of tradition that the Maison Masmoudi makes its creations.

Mrs Moufida Masmoudi has always been faithful to her home and history. She passed along, with love, her knowledge to those who will succeed her in making a great mouthfeel.

Inheritance of a passion!

Whether for Pastries ou bien Our Boxes, we shall offer you all the richness of such cultural heritage!

Tasting Masmoudi’s delicacies makes you embark on a journey of savors, as if flipping through the pages of a book, on a journey to encounter such a rich and precious Mediterranean experience.


A twist on tradition

Through it all, we remain committed to our roots, but break a new ground around fine bakery to make you discover new creations, in which traditional flavors of our recipes and the esthetic of plating come together. .

Why don’t you join us?

In that same spirit, while building and maintaining close relations with its customers, who are incessantly considered as “guests”, Maison Masmoudi never ceases to delight their senses with its crafty artisanal creations, which are universally appreciated.