Masmoudi's quality

“Masmoudi House”, since its creation, has always imposed total quality as a working rule.

We consider this commitment as inseparable from traditional practices inherited from the requirements of past pastry masters.

Today our quality requirements have been formalized through international standards, and we register in the procedures and methods of recognized and continuous controls, to guarantee an irreproachable quality to our preparations.

Quality raw materials

We use in the making of our pastries the best ingredients. Our rigorously selected suppliers offer maximum safety in the ingredients that go into the preparation of our pastries and biscuits.

Food security, a priority!

Because customer satisfaction is what is most valuable for Masmoudi, we are committed to a quality approach involving all functions and all internal employees, in a system oriented towards “Total Quality”.

This system allows us to guarantee a healthy product both microbiologically and physico-chemically, by the total control of the manufacturing processes. Our know-how is artisanal, but without risk, thanks to the 500 points of instant control of the hygiene of the places, the products, the staff, and the production.

For this, we have implemented a seamless traceability system. Thus, we can ensure an ascending and descending traceability that traces the history of the production, from the receipt of the raw material until the final product.

ISO 9001 Certification (2015 version)

As proof of the performance of the Masmoudi quality system, the ISO 9001 certification (2015 version) issued by SGS confirms Masmoudi management's commitment to a continuous quality approach. We also plan to implement new certifications to ensure the best quality in a sustainable approach!